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There are lots of Internet Service Providers in Chennai. but the flaw is even those top companies are unable to serve certain localities in the city. The alternate for this problem is that there are companies available who buy a leased line connection from Top Internet service providers and distribute it with high-speed fiber optic cables to the limited localities. Here we list out those companies for who is seeking for light speed internet services in and around Chennai. The below list contains broadband providers chennai

Si No Company  Website Coverage
1 Tan Communications Pvt Ltd Perambur, Kolathur
2 Padma Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd Madhavaram
3 Knet Solutions Pvt Ltd Complete Chennai, Puducherry, Trichy
4 Netfirre Communications Pvt Ltd Complete Chennai
5 Ficus Telecom Pvt Ltd Complete Chennai
6 Raaj Internet (I) Pvt Ltd Complete Chennai
7  Complete chennai

Velocity Internet Services Aminjikarai

Greentel Network Kovur


In telecommunications, broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission with an ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types. The medium can be coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair. Add your feedbacks on the above companies as these providers are fiber optic internet providers, comment your feedback with Broadband Speed, Support Quality, Price Comparison.